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New Released || Mawi : OST Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata or 'A Stateless Man', is about Ben, a convict who sneaks into Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to avoid detention and hopefully turn over a new leaf. However, upon arriving in Bangkok, he loses his passport and money, forcing him to resort to crime again. He is offered a job to kill someone by a notorious local underworld group.

Despite having never killed anyone in his life, Ben joins the gang in the hope of making enough money to return to KL. During a hunt and kill assignment, Ben saves a young girl left on the road to die after an accident. It turns out that the girl is also from KL. She had come to Bangkok to heal her broken heart after discovering that her fiancee was having an affair with another woman.

The girl was running away from a group of bad guys who wanted to abduct and rape her when she was hit by a car and loses her memory. As she only responded to the word 'hey' when asked for her name, Ben decides to call her that.

Featuring: OST Pesona Non Grata : Mawi - Hanya Untukmu

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