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Request || The Times : Soda Pop Rok ‘N' Roll

One doesn't need to listen to this album a million times to get hooked to it. Just one round is enough to make anyone be fond of the band. The Times is truly a breath of fresh air. Not many Malaysian rock bands can pull off singing Malay rock songs without sounding like Indonesian rock giants such as Dewa, Gigi, Sheila On 7, Padi, etc. But The Times are original. Here is a band that is not afraid of stepping out of the box. Their songs are vibrant and even the melancholic tunes are just so driving, they'll take you far, far away to “lala-land”. The emotional “Gadisku Dalam Koma”, composed by lead singer Naza for his late mother, is my personal favourite and one of the best songs in this album. I just love the emotions he poured into this song. “Nostalgia Curang Rok ‘N' Roll”, an upbeat number with strong guitar riffs is a great track to start off with. One would also recognize “Statik”, previously sung by Radhi of OAG. “Statik” is however, performed with a different music arrangement in this album, supposedly the original version. It's really hard to pick the outstanding tracks in this album, they all sound like hit singles! Bonus points to Naza for his unique lyric writing (I especially love the distinctive song titles!). Well, what can I say…Soda Pop Rok ‘N' Roll rocks! Cheers guys!

Credit : amacam.com.my

Track Sample:

Gadisku Dalam Koma
Lagu Bintang (OST Salon)
Pesona Aljebra
Aku Statik

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Request || Rossa : Kembali

Rossa is really going to be most wanted artist this month. Her song, Pudar, is #1 for a few top Chart in malaysia radio..Quite surprising, knowing that this song is not a new song. The album, entitled Kembali, was released about half year ago, and Pudar, her 2nd hits from the album, was already promoted on radio and tv since 6/7 month ago.

Rossa yang pernah hits dengan lagunya ‘tegar’, kini muncul dengan album terbarunya iaitu kembali. Sebuah album yang padat dengan lagu-lagu berlandaskan muzik band Indonesia. 4/5 bintang.Antara lagu-lagu yang dimuatkan di dalam album ini ialah Aku Bukan Untukmu, Bicara pada Bintang, Pudar, dan lain-lain. Single pertama yang diudarakan di ERA adalah Pudar dan ia mendapat sambutan yang hebat. Di dalam album ini juga, turut dimuatkan lagu Pudar dalam dua versi yang berbeza.

Track Sample:

Aku Bukan Untukmu
Bicara Pada Bintang

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