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Bittersweet - Perfect Match

Bittersweet began in mid-2004 with 2 members who had the same musical interests. Both played in an Ipoh band before, and got to know each other well during that time. Herri and Zabil occasionally met to hangout and eventually decided to try their hand at writing music together. Both heavily influenced by British music, the two decided to put their heads together and record an EP, just for fun.

After the Malaysian tour, Bittersweet in planning to broaden their music to the audiences around the South East Asia region. Finally Bittersweet comprises of 5 members that are Pijie(Lead Vocals), Herri(Lead Guitar / Vocals), Hafie (2nd Guitar / Vocals), Dinie(Bass), Emai(Keys / Synth) and a sessionist drummer.

1. a perfect match
2. big black hole
3. capital e
4. come on
5. get it on
6. in bloom
7. it's monday
8. kucing hitam
9. simone


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