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Request || Saturnine : The Raining Grace

This band have a great success on their first album Grey. The 'guitar oriented alternative rock' album have been sold for over 18,000 units which entitled the band to recieved a gold record. According to Nan, they only expected to sell 10,000 units. They were overwelmed to have such a good responce from fans.

Saturnine have the combine power of a musician and a sound engineer. The band members are Nan (guitar), Reza (vocal & guitar), Kamal(bass) and Zairi(drums).

Note: Err...wujud lagi ke band nih?

Track sample:

Saturnine - My Best Friend
Saturnine - Half

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Request || Simple Plan : STILL NOT GETTING ANY

Simple Plan consists of five Canadian guys based in Montreal: Chuck (drums), Pierre (vocals), Jeff (lead guitar), David (bass and back vocals), and Sob (guitar and back vocals). They’ve been together since early 2000, although a couple of them have been playing together since the early ‘90s when they were just 13.

Simple Plan released their debut album “NO PADS, NO HELMETS… JUST BALLS” in 2002. The more popular songs on the album include, “I’m Just a Kid,” “I’d Do Anything,” “Addicted,” and “Perfect.” The songs are mostly about the down and out feelings that pertain particularly to adolescents and young adults. Despite the catchy and upbeat sounds, also described as “punk pop fun”, the lyrics tend to be emotional and dark, if not utterly depressing. Other songs include, “Worst Day Ever” and “God Must Hate Me.”

Track Sample:

Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life
Simple Plan - Untitled

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