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New Added || Flop Poppy :CenderaJiwa

Kumpulan Flop Poppy kini muncul dengan album terbaru mereka yang bertajuk Cendera Jiwa. Album ini telah pun berada di pasaran dan ianya memang perlu dimiliki kerana lagu-lagunya yang menarik dan berkualiti.Single pertama album Cendera Jiwa adalah lagu Ya Kamu, di mana lagu ini sudah mula menjadi semakin popular di stesen-stesen radio tempatan. Lagu Ya Kamu telah ditulis oleh Andy dan liriknya telah ditulis oleh Andy dan Fathul. Apa yang menarik, Flop Poppy telah memasukkan sedikit rentak ska dalam album ini. Ini satu percubaan yang baik kerana ia menjadikan lagu Ya Kamu lebih menarik untuk didengar.
Tambahan pula gabungan rentak yang bersesuaian menjadikan album ini lain dari album-album Flop Poppy yang terdahulu.Walaupun Flop Poppy tidak berganding suara dengan mana-mana penyanyi dalam album Cendera Jiwa, mereka masih mampu menarik perhatian para pendengar dengan keunikan suara vokalistnya Andy. Tidak kurang hebatnya muzik yang dimainkan oleh anggota-anggota Flop Poppy seperti Mijie dan Megat.
Credit : www.era.fm
Note: Pls support this album!Kepada anda yang meminati kumpulan Flop Poppy dapatkan segera album ini di pasaran sekarang. Bagi saya ia agak memuaskan dan berbaloi untuk dimiliki.
Track Sample:

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Request || Ruffedge :Ruffera

"Ruffera" adalah hasil tangan terbaru kumpulan R&B dan Hip Hop ini.Album Ruffera turut menampilkan dua lagu iaitu Da Bomb dan Kerna sebagai single kembar yang telah dikeluarkan secara serentak.

Kedua-dua lagu itu mempunyai perbezaan yang ketara menerusi rentaknya, Da Bomb menyelitkan nada yang rancak manakala Kerna mempertengahkan irama balada. Ini dilakukan untuk mengatasi stigma para pendengar Malaysia mengenai Ruffedge.

Antara lagu-lagu yang dimuatkan di dalam album Ruffera adalah seperti Buat Kamu (penampilan khas ole Mohar dan Mohram), Onjak Sekaki (bersama Noraniza Idris dan Sedozen), Membebel (menampilkan Bandi Amok), Kerinduan (bersama Jaclyn Victor), Untuk Mama, Goyang Habibi, Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah, dan Lelaki, hasil ciptaan Husein, anggota barunya.

Track sample:

Lemas (FeatBenervie)
Bila Rindu

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Request || Pussy Cat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls were born in a tiny dance studio in the L.A. garage of actress Christina Applegate, with whom Antin was rooming in the early ‘90s. Antin had appeared in commercials, and did choreography for music videos for the likes of Smash Mouth, The Offspring and No Doubt. “But I wanted to do something creative and different,” she says.

With their debut album, PCD, set for release by A&M Records on September 13, 2005 (led by the #1 smash “Don’t Cha,” a duet with Busta Rhymes and produced by Cee-Lo), The Pussycat Dolls go beyond being extraordinarily beautiful. With tremendous voices, and after working with today’s top songwriters and producers (including Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, Timbaland, Rich Harrison, Sean Garrett and Ron Fair), The Pussycat Dolls are ready to stamp their mark on music and on attitudes.

Credit : http://www.pcdmusic.com

Track sample:

The Pussycat Dolls - Dont Cha (ft. Busta Rhymes)
The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

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New Added || System of a Down :Mesmerize

System of a Down is the group of Armenian fellows known for such wild-ass songs as "Chop Suey" and "Chic n Stu." They were real big back in like 01-02, but then they disappeared for a while as their lead singer was out starting various political movements with the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine.The song writing on this album is amazing, extremly creative with some of the best melodies writen by system, and certainly any other metal band. The guitar parts are stronger with much more versatile playing, some kicking riffs and tasty clean parts (Soldierside, the intro is a fantastic piece of guitar)

The wonderful thing about Mezmorize is that no track sounds the same, but they all have that distinct SoaD sound. You'll hear '80's' shit in "Old Skool Hollywood". TOOL style music on "Question!", acousics on "Lost in Hollywood", polka style tunage in "Radio/Video", "Cigaro" being SoaD signature sound, "This Cocaine..." being the equivellent of "Psycho", "Revenga" sounding like DK.

This album rocks. It isn't the greatest CD ever, but it doesn't suck. I get why people don't like it, but here's some news for everyone: TOXICITY SUCKED! STEAL THIS ALBUM! SUCKED AS WELL! Their only great CD is their self-titled debut. This is an average rock CD. I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. Hey, it's good and all, but personally, I just think it's okay. It's too soft.

Track Sample:

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New Released || Khafi

KHAFI adalah kumpulan muzik yang lahir dari gabungan nama dua orang anggotanya iaitu Khairil Rashid dan Faizal Ismail. Faizal adalah vokalis utama, manakala Khairil sebagai vokalis dan juga gitaris. Tak lama dulu.. lagu cover version berjudul Kisah Kau Dan Aku memang berjaya menambat hati ramai peminat muzik.

Oleh kerana sambutan yang menggalakkan, ditambah dengan sokongan ramai, KHAFI akan muncul dengan album sulung mereka tak lama lagi berkonsepkan Pop Rock… berjudul SATU JENGKAL..

Kredit : www.khafi.com
(pesanan :Pls support once album diorang dah released OK?)

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Request || Adibah Noor :Terlalu Istimewa

Well.very proud to finally have her album...and after listening to the songs, I know that I've not wasted any money coz every single cents worth! Songs like Ikan Di Laut, Asam Di Darat, Kelabu, Joget Hati Senang, Hanya Restu, Begitulah Asmara & Putih can easly make my foot to start tapping. Other songs like Terlalu Istimewa, Pengorbanan and Fantasia Sebuah Cinta touch my nerves on its own way. And kudos to Adibah for not forgotting to give RM 3 from each album sold to MAKNA. She did it even producing the album with her own money. Kudos Spring3x to Adibah Noor!Pls buy the original CD and support her!

credit : www.adibah-noor.com

Track Sample:

Terlalu Istimewa

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Request || My Chemical Romance : Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Based in New Jersey, My Chemical Romance is an alternative pop/rock and punk-pop band that has been compared to Thursday and, to a lesser degree, Cursive. Many of their songs are loud, fast, hyper, and aggressive, but My Chemical Romance's work also tends to be melodic and pop-minded. My Chemical Romance got started in the early 2000s, when lead singer Gerard Way and drummer Matt Pelissier decided to try writing some songs together.

Their Second Album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" was released in late 2004. The First single "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)", a high speed anthem for the contiually downtrodden and rejected, caught America off-gaurd and put MCR (My Chemical Romance) in the spotlight almost overnight.The second single "Helena" a slow almost haunting ballat (but not really, it's also very up-beat) dedicated to Elena Rush (the Way brothers' late grand mother.) Brings to mind "The Cure", other noteworthy songs on the album are "The Ghost of You", "Thank You for The Venom" and "To The End". My Chemical Romance was also Featured on this years "A Taste Of Chaos" tour this spring and also go a half hour concert special on the "Fuse" music network.

Track Sample:

I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

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Request || Saturnine : The Raining Grace

This band have a great success on their first album Grey. The 'guitar oriented alternative rock' album have been sold for over 18,000 units which entitled the band to recieved a gold record. According to Nan, they only expected to sell 10,000 units. They were overwelmed to have such a good responce from fans.

Saturnine have the combine power of a musician and a sound engineer. The band members are Nan (guitar), Reza (vocal & guitar), Kamal(bass) and Zairi(drums).

Note: Err...wujud lagi ke band nih?

Track sample:

Saturnine - My Best Friend
Saturnine - Half

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Request || Simple Plan : STILL NOT GETTING ANY

Simple Plan consists of five Canadian guys based in Montreal: Chuck (drums), Pierre (vocals), Jeff (lead guitar), David (bass and back vocals), and Sob (guitar and back vocals). They’ve been together since early 2000, although a couple of them have been playing together since the early ‘90s when they were just 13.

Simple Plan released their debut album “NO PADS, NO HELMETS… JUST BALLS” in 2002. The more popular songs on the album include, “I’m Just a Kid,” “I’d Do Anything,” “Addicted,” and “Perfect.” The songs are mostly about the down and out feelings that pertain particularly to adolescents and young adults. Despite the catchy and upbeat sounds, also described as “punk pop fun”, the lyrics tend to be emotional and dark, if not utterly depressing. Other songs include, “Worst Day Ever” and “God Must Hate Me.”

Track Sample:

Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life
Simple Plan - Untitled

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Request || Adam AF2 : Adam

Bintang kelahiran Akademi Fantasia 2, Adam telah melahirkan album sulungnya yang berjudul Adam AF2.Album yang mempertaruhkan 10 buah lagu ini termasuk 'Tak Tahu' yang begitu popular di media masa kini.4/5 bintang.Turut dimuatkan lagu 'Haruskah' versi remix yang pernah menaikkan nama Adam sebelum album ini di terbitkan. Tidak ketinggalan lagu 'Terhangat di Pasaran' di mana Adam berganding suara bersama KRU.Anda juga berpeluang mendengar sendiri kemampuan Adam membawakan lagu-lagu berentak Balada seperti 'Jatuh' dan 'Ku Bertanya' yang menyentuh perasaan.. Selain itu, album ini juga mengandungi lagu 'Menggapai Bintang' versi solo Adam yang mengenang kembali saat-saat di Akademi Fantasia. Lagu-lagu lain yang dijangka bakal memenuhi citarasa anda adalah 'Seri Satu Sama' dan 'Sana Sini'.Album ini menampilkan komposer-komposer seperti Edry Abdul Halim, Alvy Durin, Ajai & Nurul, serta Adam sendiri. Ia diterbitkan oleh KRU Music Group dan diedarkan oleh EMI Music (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Kepada peminat-peminat Adam, jangan lepaskan peluang ini. Dapatkan album terbaru Adam yang telah berada di pasaran.
Credit : ERA
Track Sample:

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New Released || Ratu - Friends

Dianggotai oleh dua gadis manis Maya dan Mulan, Ratu kini kembali dengan album baru Ratu & Friends yang pastinya cukup menarik dan istimewa untuk peminat-peminat semua.Di dalam album Ratu & Friends ini Ratu tampil dengan dua buah lagu baru iaitu Teman Tapi Mesra dan Didadaku Ada Kamu. Album ini dilihat cukup istimewa kerana selain memuatkan dua lagu baru dari Ratu, album ini turut menghimpunkan artis-artis popular Indonesia dengan lagu-lagu hit mereka antaranya Temani Aku - Sheila On 7, Patah - Padi, Akhir Cerita Cinta - Glenn Fredly, Cinderella - Radja, Jadikan Aku Raja - Ada Band, Why Do You Love Me - Erwin Gutawa dan ramai lagi. Album Ratu & Friends ini telah terjual sebanyak lebih 200, 000 unit di Indonesia

Credit : ERA

Track Sample:

Teman Tapi Mesra
Jangan Bilang Siapa-siapa

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Request || Semangat Zaman

Suara Zaman OLD rockers do know how to have fun! Semangat Zaman is a laudable music project out to honor six ‘mat rock’ who have gained much recognition and success during the 1980s and 1990s in Malaysia. If you’ve ever had this wild fantasy that Nash (Lefthanded), Joey (Bumiputra Rockers), Aris Ariwatan, Rahim Maarof, Mus (MAY) and Yantzen of Singaporean band ‘Rusty Blade’ were to come together for an album collaboration, then rejoice! (And then pull out your rocker uniform of unwashed black t-shirts and tight torn jeans!) The day has come. This album giving today's Mat Rock a glimpse on the `80s rock era.Although not as good as the original, this remake is still entertaining and will delight those who grew up listening to the original.Out of the six old timers, it is evident that Yantzen and Nash still maintain their unique and powerful vocals.The others don't sound as good as during their heydays but still manage to give commendable performances.

Sample track:

Semangat Zaman – Aris, Joey, Mus, Nash, Rahim, Yantzen
Korban Cinta – Aris & Joey

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Request || The Times : Soda Pop Rok ‘N' Roll

One doesn't need to listen to this album a million times to get hooked to it. Just one round is enough to make anyone be fond of the band. The Times is truly a breath of fresh air. Not many Malaysian rock bands can pull off singing Malay rock songs without sounding like Indonesian rock giants such as Dewa, Gigi, Sheila On 7, Padi, etc. But The Times are original. Here is a band that is not afraid of stepping out of the box. Their songs are vibrant and even the melancholic tunes are just so driving, they'll take you far, far away to “lala-land”. The emotional “Gadisku Dalam Koma”, composed by lead singer Naza for his late mother, is my personal favourite and one of the best songs in this album. I just love the emotions he poured into this song. “Nostalgia Curang Rok ‘N' Roll”, an upbeat number with strong guitar riffs is a great track to start off with. One would also recognize “Statik”, previously sung by Radhi of OAG. “Statik” is however, performed with a different music arrangement in this album, supposedly the original version. It's really hard to pick the outstanding tracks in this album, they all sound like hit singles! Bonus points to Naza for his unique lyric writing (I especially love the distinctive song titles!). Well, what can I say…Soda Pop Rok ‘N' Roll rocks! Cheers guys!

Credit : amacam.com.my

Track Sample:

Gadisku Dalam Koma
Lagu Bintang (OST Salon)
Pesona Aljebra
Aku Statik

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Request || Rossa : Kembali

Rossa is really going to be most wanted artist this month. Her song, Pudar, is #1 for a few top Chart in malaysia radio..Quite surprising, knowing that this song is not a new song. The album, entitled Kembali, was released about half year ago, and Pudar, her 2nd hits from the album, was already promoted on radio and tv since 6/7 month ago.

Rossa yang pernah hits dengan lagunya ‘tegar’, kini muncul dengan album terbarunya iaitu kembali. Sebuah album yang padat dengan lagu-lagu berlandaskan muzik band Indonesia. 4/5 bintang.Antara lagu-lagu yang dimuatkan di dalam album ini ialah Aku Bukan Untukmu, Bicara pada Bintang, Pudar, dan lain-lain. Single pertama yang diudarakan di ERA adalah Pudar dan ia mendapat sambutan yang hebat. Di dalam album ini juga, turut dimuatkan lagu Pudar dalam dua versi yang berbeza.

Track Sample:

Aku Bukan Untukmu
Bicara Pada Bintang

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Special Update

Terima kasih atas sambutan yang amat mengalakkan dari anda semua .Kami amat menghargai sokongan yang di tunjukkan dan akan cuba sedaya upaya menyediakan lagu lagu terbaru untuk santapan telinga anda.Unfortunately this overwhelming support had caused a heavy traffic jammed and crush the bandwidth.

Due to thatt problem , we will only provide the latest mp3 player for a week period and after that it'll be converted to a mp3 link.

Untuk update terkini , sila langgani dengan memasukkan email anda di bahagian blogjet.Sebarang permintaan lagu dan komen boleh di kemukan terus di ruangan chatboard yang di sediakan.

Terima kasih sekali lagi.

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New Released || Radja - Langkah Baru

Radja - Langkah Baru
Publisher: Tropic Jaya Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Distributor: EMI Music Indonesia Tracklisting:

4.Ta 'kan Melupakanmu
5.Wahai Kau Cinta
6.Tetaplah Kau Jadi Milikku
7.Selalu Jauh Dari Cinta
8.Manusia Biasa
9.Tak Seperti Dulu
10.Butuh Waktu
11.Lepas Masa Laluku
13.Ini Aku Adanya (Bonus Track)

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New Released || Amy - Ikon A Rockstar Chronicle

Amy - Ikon A Rockstar Chronicle
Selling Price: RM29.90 / USD8.60
Format: CD
Distributor: Life Records


1.Suralaya Dalam D Major
2.Syurga dan Neraka featuring Bienda)
4.Kalimah Cinta
5.Salam Terakhir
6.Gita Rama Sita
7.Suatu Impian featuring Sasi The Don
8.Isabella '98
9.Sejuta Wajah
10.Suatu Masa duet with Tan Sri S.M. Salim
12.Rock & Roll
13.Tiada Lagi

petikan dari Metro:

"Anda mungkin akan tertanya apa yang dimaksudkan dengan Suralaya. Menurut Amy (selepas dia sendiri khatam mengenai maksud Suralaya daripada Loloq), ia sebenarnya membawa maksud tempat pengabdian manusia selepas mati"

Buy this album!

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