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New Added || System of a Down :Mesmerize

System of a Down is the group of Armenian fellows known for such wild-ass songs as "Chop Suey" and "Chic n Stu." They were real big back in like 01-02, but then they disappeared for a while as their lead singer was out starting various political movements with the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine.The song writing on this album is amazing, extremly creative with some of the best melodies writen by system, and certainly any other metal band. The guitar parts are stronger with much more versatile playing, some kicking riffs and tasty clean parts (Soldierside, the intro is a fantastic piece of guitar)

The wonderful thing about Mezmorize is that no track sounds the same, but they all have that distinct SoaD sound. You'll hear '80's' shit in "Old Skool Hollywood". TOOL style music on "Question!", acousics on "Lost in Hollywood", polka style tunage in "Radio/Video", "Cigaro" being SoaD signature sound, "This Cocaine..." being the equivellent of "Psycho", "Revenga" sounding like DK.

This album rocks. It isn't the greatest CD ever, but it doesn't suck. I get why people don't like it, but here's some news for everyone: TOXICITY SUCKED! STEAL THIS ALBUM! SUCKED AS WELL! Their only great CD is their self-titled debut. This is an average rock CD. I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. Hey, it's good and all, but personally, I just think it's okay. It's too soft.

Track Sample:

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New Released || Khafi

KHAFI adalah kumpulan muzik yang lahir dari gabungan nama dua orang anggotanya iaitu Khairil Rashid dan Faizal Ismail. Faizal adalah vokalis utama, manakala Khairil sebagai vokalis dan juga gitaris. Tak lama dulu.. lagu cover version berjudul Kisah Kau Dan Aku memang berjaya menambat hati ramai peminat muzik.

Oleh kerana sambutan yang menggalakkan, ditambah dengan sokongan ramai, KHAFI akan muncul dengan album sulung mereka tak lama lagi berkonsepkan Pop Rock… berjudul SATU JENGKAL..

Kredit : www.khafi.com
(pesanan :Pls support once album diorang dah released OK?)

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