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YUI's husky voice at the start of CHE.R.RY was innovative. Everyone on whatever forums which was covering YUI was going, "OMG I LOVE YUI'S HUSKY VOICE!". Her creativity sets herself apart from all competition. Ask Ayumi or Koda Kumi to hold a guitar, its definite fial. She writes her own songs, she plays a guitar while singing and she sounds EXACTLY the same live as she does in the studio. But in songs on "I LOVED YESTERDAY" there's like bits, where she needs to sing like, i donno 10 words in one bar instead of like 3-4. Which seemed very rushed instead of being creative.

Imagine yourself, in a concert, YUI's performing. Rolling Star comes on. You will start headbanging despite how non-bogan you are. The whole song is just like the concentration of 5 Red Bull's into a single can. You will get a bloody kick of energy. Pity i didn't see any of it in "I LOVED YESTERDAY", maybe My Generation. But like I said with Good-Bye Days, My Generation doesn't reach the bar that Rolling Star is on.

"I LOVED YESTERDAY" is like HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR's "SAN" for me. A transitional album. But in SAN, i liked it, but not as much as Goover or Gou on Progressive. But ROCK PIT was definitely a breath of fresh air. Hopefully YUI's comes back with a SPECATCULAR album, which puts I LOVED YESTERDAY into the past.

Or maybe its just me, maybe i need to listen to it more, grow into it slowly. But as a first taste, its definitely not her best work. From Me to You and Can't Buy My Love was a great first impression. I fell in love with it. I just don't feel the same. Although i do love My Generation, Namidairo, Love&Truth and at times, Laugh Away. Namely all the singles........

I would like to see someone who doesn't think the same as me, and back it up with a good reason why.


01. Laugh away
02. My Generation
03. Find me
04. No way
05. Namidairo
06. Daydreamer
07. Love is all
08. I will love you
09. We will go
11. My friend
13. Am I wrong ?


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