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Download || Letto - Full album - LETHOLOGICA

Third album Letto, LETHOLOGICA, already can be found in music stores and will be officially launched on 21 January to come.

Letto third album after the Truth, Cry, and Lie (2005) and Do not Make Me Sad (2007) contains 12 tracks consisting of 3 songs in English and'9 'songs speak Indonesian. Color music variety, but it's decorated with the lyrics, lyrics that touch. Color also coloring ethnic music songs including some ethnic music Bali, Minang and Java.

According to the vocalist, Noe, Lethologica represent the feelings of the album Letto that can not be expressed with words but with music. Lethologica have their own sense of disorder, describes the time in which we can not remember what we want

Single mainstay in this album, 'Lubang Di Hati' is first introduced through the radio and even the theme song became one of sinetron in TV private sector'.

Track List :

01. Letto Title Hits Song 'Lubang Di Hati'.
02. Letto Title Hits Song 'Senyumanmu'.
03. Letto Title Hits Song 'Kepada Hati Itu'.
04. Letto Title Hits Song 'Lethologica'.
05. Letto Title Hits Song 'Itu Lagi Itu Lagi'.
06. Letto Title Hits Song 'Layang Layang'.
07. Letto Title Hits Song 'Ku Tak Percaya'.
08. Letto Title Hits Song 'Bird Song'.
09. Letto Title Hits Song 'Putih'.
10. Letto Title Hits Song 'Jalan Yang Hilang'.
11. Letto Title Hits Song 'Hapuskan Keluhanmu'.
12. Letto Title Hits Song 'Almost'.

Download || Letto - Full album - LETHOLOGICA

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Download || Slumdog Millionaire OST - Full album

It will come as no surprise to anyone listening to the soundtrack to the multiple Golden Globe-scooping Slumdog Millionaire that one of these was awarded to 'Mozart of Madras' A R Rahman for Best Original Score - or that he now stands to win a potential three Academy Awards across two categories in next month's ceremonies.
For this is about as close to perfection as a soundtrack can ever hope to get - perfectly capturing the emotional grit of Danny Boyle's onscreen drama, while successfully evoking a very Indian atmosphere for a very Western audience.

M.I.A. was a wise recruit for the purpose of bridging this gap - as a London artist with Sri Lankan roots, her relevance along with her familiarity to Western ears makes Rahman's compositions all the more accessible, as well as lending the score her inimitable kudos and an urban touch that evokes well the gritty underworld of Mumbai.

1.O... Saya
3.Mausam & Escape
4.Paper Planes
5.Paper Planes [DFA Remix]
6.Ringa Ringa
7.Liquid Dance
8.Latika's Theme
9.Aaj Ki Raat
11.Gangsta Blues
12.Dreams on Fire
13.Jai Ho

Download || Slumdog Millionaire OST - Full album

She sings on the Oscar-nominated opening track O Saya, whose lyrical imagery ("They can't touch me / We break off / Run so fast they can't even catch me") well conveys the urgent pace of life onscreen as well as providing a relevant motto for the film's protagonists. ("We live for the buck / We get for the family.")

Her own song Paper Planes is included too, both in its original form and as a DFA remix - an upbeat, eloquent song that provides the perfect match for the dynamic and colourful onscreen imagery: the chorus sung by children and the sounds of cashdrawers and gunfire perfectly coincides with the plight of the young gang of street urchins desperately trying to survive by any means available.

Elsewhere, Rahman negotiates the East/West duality with an accomplished hand, combining the conventions of both filmic traditions, with an epic Bond-esque string section that plays out over a sitar in Mausam and Escape. The strings recur in Liquid Dance, which layers these with classical Indian vocals over moody electronica.

Ringa Ringa is more traditional fare, featuring Alga Yagnik, who has been one of Bollywood's most popular playback singers since the late 1980s, although those unfamiliar with Bollywood may still recognise her from another wonderful soundtrack - to Moulin Rouge (2001) on the track Hindi Sad Diamonds.

Latika's theme is wonderfully intimate and touching in its hushed simplicity - a sweetly hummed melody that serves as a consistent motif for its titular character, and manages to be as beautiful as Freida Pinto who plays her. It is also a teaser for the film's penultimate number Dreams, which picks up where it left off, featuring the same melody and adding the lush vocals of the mononymous Suzanne to celebrate a very happily-ever-after indeed.

The record is rounded up by Jai Ho, an exuberant Bollywood dance number that encapsulates the film's feel-good-factor, and reminds us just how much this score deserves the accolades it has already won and the many it is sure still to receive - just as India's most treasured composer deserves the new-found global recognition it has earned him.

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Download || Hoobastank - Full album -Hoobastank - For N(ever)

2009 album from the Alterna-Rock heroes, produced by Howard Benson who is best known for his work with My Chemical Romance, Daughtry, Reliant K and Flyleaf. When a band has as much success as Hoobastank, the motivation to top itself must come from within. That renewed desire can be heard from the very first notes of "My Turn," the first single from Fornever, which marks a return to the Rock roots of their first two releases, the platinum-plus self-titled debut and the two-million-plus-selling The Reason. With Fornever, Hoobastank have gotten in touch with what originally motivated them, which has made them stronger than ever. Hoobastank is Fornever.

Track Listing:

01. My Turn ( 3:09)
02. I Don’t Think I Love You ( 3:39)
03. So Close, So Far ( 3:14)
04. All About You ( 2:55)
05. The Letter ( 3:54)
06. Tears Of Yesterday ( 3:56)
07. Sick Of Hanging On ( 3:13)
08. You’re The One ( 3:55)
09. Who The Hell Am I? ( 3:59)
10. You Need To Be Here ( 3:01)
11. Gone Gone Gone ( 3:36)

Download || Hoobastank - Full album -Hoobastank - For N(ever)

When a band has as much success as Hoobastank, the motivation to top itself must come from within. That renewed desire can be heard from the very first notes of "My Turn," the first single from the group's fourth Island Def Jam Music Group album, Fornever, which marks a return to the rock roots of their first two releases, the platinum-plus self-titled debut and the two-million-plus-selling The Reason.

"My Turn," a self-motivational anthem that marks the band's return to the airwaves, was Top 5 Most Added at Active Rock and #6 at Alternative even before its official impact with an alphabet soup of the country's leading stations putting it in their rotation.

"We're very hungry this time," says vocalist/songwriter Doug Robb of the band, which came together in 1994, when he joined with a pair of his Agoura Hills high school classmates, Dan Estrin on guitar and Chris Hesse on drums. "Maybe there is a chip on our shoulder, because we have that fire in the belly again. We're ready to do whatever we have to in order to get back to where we want to be. Even if we won't come out and say so."

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Download || Nabila Huda - Full album - "X-Ray"

LAGU ‘X-Ray’ nyanyian anak perempuan kepada rocker terkenal tanahair, Amy Search ini saban hari semakin kerap diputarkan di radio-radio. Tidak dinafikan, lagu yang ‘catchy’ ciptaan sepenuhnya oleh Edry Hashim itu cukup sesuai dengan ‘jiwa’ Nabila Huda.

Meskipun lagu tersebut makin mendapat tempat di hati ramai peminat muzik tempatan, populariti yang diraih oleh lagu itu nyata mengejutkan tuan empunya diri, apatah lagi Nabila sendiri tidak pernah meletakkan harapan yang tinggi agar lagu ‘X-Ray’ itu berjaya mencuri tumpuan ramai.

Tutur pelakon yang baru mendirikan rumahtangga dengan suaminya Zaidy Zailani pada 2 Disember lalu, idea menghasilkan single itu sebenarnya dibuat atas dasar ’suka-suka’.

“Lagu single itu memang sudah lama saya rakamkan. Rasanya lima bulan sebelum saya berkahwin. Itu pun atas cadangan Papa. Kebetulan pula saya memang minat menyanyi, jadi saya ‘try’ sajalah.

“Tapi memang tidak terlintas langsung di fikiran saya untuk hasilkan album penuh. Saya tidak bersedia ikut jejak langkah Papa bergelar penyanyi walaupun dia sendiri cukup ’supportive’,” kata pelakon berusia 24 tahun ini.

Menurut Nabila lagi, andai kata dia ditawarkan membuat album berdasarkan sambutan yang baik terhadap lagu tersebut, dia tetap akan cuba menolak dengan baik kerana belum bersedia dengan komitmen yang tinggi dalam bidang tersebut.

“Sejujurnya, saya memang tidak ada masa untuk hasilkan album. Prosesnya bukan mudah dan memakan masa juga. Lagipun, jadual harian saya memang padat dengan aktiviti lakonan.

“Setakat diundang untuk buat ’show’, saya rasa tidak menjadi satu kesalahan. Tetapi apapun, bidang lakonan tetap menjadi keutamaan saya,” kata Nabila.

Download || Nabila Huda - Full album - "X-Ray"

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Download || Imran Ajmain - Full album - Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang

THESE days, Imran Ajmain can't stop grinning like a Cheshire cat.

A year and a half ago, many would have had trouble remembering the 26-year-old's name.
He was known in hip-hop circles as the director of Beats Society, an organisation he set up to raise awareness of local hip-hop music, and as a singer-songwriter.

But his independently produced debut album, Dengan Secara Kebetulan (By Pure Coincidence), has changed that for him.

Imran has scored seven nominations at the Singapore Malay Grammys, Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM), that will be held on 8 Jun at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

To leverage on the awards show, he is repackaging and reprinting Dengan Secara Kebetulan for a June release.

To date, most of the 3,000 copies from the first print have been sold out.

Not bad for a guy who was booted out of the first season of Singapore Idol, which his friend Taufik went on to win.

Download || Imran Ajmain - Full album - Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang

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Download || Jay Jay - Single - "Permaisuriku.mp3"

Jay Jay - Permaisuriku.mp3

tika renungi malamku
bersama tirai perindu
potret permaisuriku

lenamu didakapanku
inginku belai rambutmu
saat malam malammu

walau kembara ku meredah alam maya
kan ku pertahan garis cinta kita

ku hancur dikala tak bersama
kau yang ku cinta
impi rinduku disaat mesra
[ Permaisuriku lyric found on www.lirik.tv ]
oh kasih

terbina rona kota bahgia
permata dijiwa
oh kernamu

lautan duri ku tempuh
demi sucinya cintamu
tak ku hiraukan waktu

ampunkan kesalahanku
ku pinjam raut wajahmu
hanya kau yang kurindu


Download || Jay Jay - Single - "Permaisuriku.mp3"

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