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Download || Samson - Full Album - "Penantian Hidup"

Success achieve appreciation Platinum Sales Award from label Universal Music via selling 'Penantian Hidup', band SAMSONS return coddle they fans chummy be said to be SAMSONIA with release album entitle 'PENANTIAN HIDUP PLATINUM EDITION'.

In this album will will old songs album Penantian Hidup add 3 new songs entitle 'Hening', 'Tak Bisa Memiliki' (pop song ballad) and a song language english tell about nationalism, Devil`s Box.

Via 3 new song that Samsons hope can obyain all the more fans againt in fatherland. still carry theme love, this band convinced they new creation acceptable good music lover in fatherland. Success for Samsons!

Tracklist :

01. Samsons Band - Tak Bisa Memiliki
02. Samsons Band - Hening
03. Samsons Band - Devil’s Box
04. Samsons Band - Seandainya
05. Samsons Band - Penantian Hidup
06. Samsons Band - Hey Gadis
07. Samsons Band - Kisah Tak Sempurna
08. Samsons Band - Jika Ku Harus Bermimpi
09. Samsons Band - Perbedaan
10. Samsons Band - Luluh
11. Samsons Band - For You
12. Samsons Band - Aku
13. Samsons Band - Kau
14. Samsons Band - S.F.W

Download || Samson - Full Album - "Penantian Hidup"

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Download || Jason Mraz - Full album - WE SING. WE DANCE. WE STEAL THINGS.

The third studio album by singer-songwriter Jason Mraz was originally released as three online-only four-track EPs throughout the spring of 2008, hence the odd punctuation of the album's full title: WE SING. WE DANCE. WE STEAL THINGS. Although it was originally made available in a piecemeal fashion, the entire 12-track album was recorded as a whole, and it flows naturally from the smooth pop-rock of the opener, "Make It Mine," to the extended jam workout of the closing, "Beautiful Mess." Guest spots by James Morrison on "Details in the Fabric" and Colbie Caillat on the flirty single "Lucky" are standouts, as is the shimmering first single, "I'm Yours." Overall, Mraz's tuneful songcraft is on display throughout the album.

Jason Mraz isn't so much releasing his upcoming effort as he is rolling it out. "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things." will be available as trio of EPs, with each to hit shelves on different dates.

"We Sing" and "We Dance" will be released March 18 and April 15, respectively, while the third EP is merely bundled with the other two when the full-length debuts May 20. Purchased separately, the individual sets will come packaged with bonus alternate versions of the songs.

"We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things." features Mraz' new single "I'm Yours," which appeared originally as a demo on an EP that accompanied his last album, "Mr. A-Z." The track resonated with fans and bred more than 300 user-generated music videos online. Mraz also tapped fellow songwriters James Morrison and Colbie Caillat to contribute to the album.

Mraz will perform Feb. 28 for iTunes Live: London Sessions in England in support of the album. Additionally, he's in the midst of planning a North American tour and already has dates slated for Europe, Australia and Asia.

"We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things." is the follow-up to 2005's "Mr. A-Z," which debuted at No. 5 in 2005.

1. Make It Mine
2. I'm Yours
3. Lucky - (featuring Colbie Caillat)
4. Butterfly
5. Live High
6. Love For a Child
7. Details In the Fabric - (featuring James Morrison)
8. Coyotes
9. Only Human
10. Dynamo of Volition, The
11. If It Kills Me
12. Beautiful Mess, A

Download || Jason Mraz - Full album - WE SING. WE DANCE. WE STEAL THINGS.

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Download || Estranged - Full album - "Remain Unknown"

IT'S not all fun and games for rock group Estranged when it comes to its second album.

After a successful outing with hit song Itu Kamu (which won Song of The Year at Anugerah Juara Lagu and Most Popular Group at Anugerah Planet), the band is back — with some changes.

Comprising Rich on vocals, Hanafi (guitars), Din (guitars) and Andy (drums), its second offering is called Remain Unknown.

“This album showcases our maturity. We experimented with sounds including heavier rifts. Andy, meanwhile, showcased new drumming methods. Rich is showing progress vocally, displaying depths and diversity in tone,” said Din.
Songs such as Yang Pernah and Aurora mark the band’s departure from its sound in Itu Kamu.

“We want to sound more progressive. We did worryabout fans’ reaction but we also do not want to stagnate,” said Rich.

“Most importantly, we want people to like us as a band and not for the song Itu Kamu,” said Andy,

Despite music pundits predicting a full-fledged Malay album from the boys, Estranged has delivered an English-dominated album.

The album consists of eight English tracks, including This World, In No Time and Enjoy the Ride and five Malay tracks including Aurora and Masa.

“We have always catered to the English market. We don’t want to sing only Malay songs just because of one hit song,” said Andy.

The lyrics cover serious subjects such as global warming, political mishaps and social deterioration.

“This World highlights the deterioration of our eco-system while Tarikh Tutup deals with child kidnapping,” Rich.

The album cover depicts the struggle faced by the Orang Asli in preserving their homeland.

“Our photographer was inspired by the story of the Temuan tribe. The background of the cover shows land belonging to them which has been turned into a dam,” said Hanafi.

As one of the leading rock bands in Malaysia, Estranged has its their say in regards to the issue of 90:10.

“We can’t censure songs. In fact, we need foreign songs (Indonesian songs) for competition. It is essential to have an open market so that we know the ins and outs of the music scene,” said Din.

“We do have a lot of talented singers and bands. Let’s invest in them and give them exposure, “ he added.

Estranged was among the few local bands to perform at the Soundrenaline 2008, the biggest music festival in Indonesia, recently.

“We were treated well. Both fans and organisers were pleased with our performance, “ said Andy, referring to their shows in Medan and Pekan Baru.

Due to their successful first outing at the festival, the boys might be on board for the coming year.

“The organisers did say something about us returning to the festival. But we will have to wait and see, “ said Andy.

Track List :

1 This World
2 Yang Pernah
3 Masa
4 In No Time
5 We Remain Unknown
6 Enjoy The Ride
7 Tarikh Tutup
8 Destination
9 Ketika Ini
10 My Fascination
11 Aurora
12 Dances Of The Spirits
13 The Slave In Us

Download || Estranged - Full album - "Remain Unknown"

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Download || D'Masiv - Full album - "Perubahan"

It’s a debute album from D’masiv, with their popular song “Cinta ini membunuhku”. An Indonesian band with a great performance has a lot of fans. Not bad really, first time hearing it today. effects are nice; they should have used some on videotape, a house of cards… fragile, hard to build, and falls easily, could symbolize love.

D'Masiv was the winner from the search site for the talented band 'A Mild Live Wanted 2007'. For this album, d'Massive entrusted his fortune through with the song Cinta Ini Membunuhku. Not only songs have nuances pop ballads, d'Masiv skilled make the musical pop rock that was energetic and stamp dynamic. d'Masiv are Rian (Vocal), Kiki (Guitar), Rama (Guitar), Ray (Bass) and Why (Drum).

Track List:
01. Cinta Ini Membunuhku
02. Diam Tanpa Kata
03. Merindukanmu [missing track]
04. Aku Percaya Kamu
05. Dan Kamu
06. Cinta Sampai Disini
07. Sebelah Mata
08. Dilema [missing track]
09. Ilfil (Manusia Tak Berharga)
10. Tak Pernah Rela
11. Lukaku
12. Di Antara Kalian

Download || D'Masiv - Full album - "Perubahan"

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