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Evolusi KL Drift _ Original soundTrack (OST) 2008

Hollywood’s got its The Fast & The Furious, Hong Kong and Japan’s got Initial D. And now Malaysia has Evolusi KL Drift.

True to the movie title, there’s a whole lot of drifting going on in the trailer. This car-race movie follows the success of last year’s Impak Maksima, another fast-cars actioner. Directed by Syamsul Yusof, Evolusi KL Drift stars Fasha Sandha and Farid Kamil.


Zack and Sham are two close friends who enjoy the same hobbies and interests, ‘DRIFT RACING’. Traditionally drift racing is monopolised by guys but it didnt stop Fasha, Zack’s girlfriend who broke all traditions and made it her hobby as she finds it very daring and aggresive. Zack is more protective of Fasha nowadays considering her identity crisis in the past and bad influences by her friends.

Joe and Karl on the other hand feels threatened when they can’t influence new kids to be interested with drift racing. In order to settle this problem Zac and Joe had made a decision that they would race as a way to let some steam off.


OST Evolusi KL Dfrift

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