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New Released || Dewa : Republik Cinta

Republik Cinta will be first released for the Indonesian and Malaysian market in the early 2006, while the release for the rest of the Asian market will await completion of song lyric transliteration and a new take on vocals.

It took Dewa a year to complete the recording of Republik Cinta, comprising 11 new songs.

"Even by our own standards, such duration is short as it usually takes us two to three years to complete an album. We have benefited a lot from the fact that we didn't tour this year," Dhani said.

Music-wise, the new album breaks no new ground for Dewa, as some songs that were previewed for the press were routines from their back catalog.
Among standout tracks in the new album, is Laskar Cinta (Soldier of Love), a hard-pumping rock tune with a Middle-Eastern flavor, a trick the band has pulled to win the hearts of Asian folk.

In the new album, Dhani finally pays his debt to his musical heroes, legendary British band Queen.

Dewa covered I Want To Break Free, a song from the band's 1984 album The Works.

Another song in Republik Cinta, Lovers' Rhapsody, was inspired by one of Queen's biggest hits, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Dewa has long been associated with the music of Queen. Dhani has frequently borrowed from Queen guitarist Brian May's riffs and solos, and vocalist Freddy Mercury's vocal work for the band's recorded works.

At the outset, Dewa was known for composing sappy pop songs, with sweet melodies and lyrics that quickly connected with the country's teen pop audience.


1.Laskar Cinta “chapter One”
2.Laskar Cinta “chapter Two”
3.Emotional Love Song
5.Sedang Ingin Bercinta
6.Perasaanku Tentang Perasaanku Kepadamu
7.Lelaki Pecemburu
8.Lover’s Rhapsody
9.I Want To Break Free
10.Flower In The Desert
11.Live On
12.Selimut Hati

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New Released : AWIE - Santai

Remember this rock singer which quite popular in late 80's?Yeap , he made a latest comeback with his latest album 'santai'(rilex?).IT HAS been five years since Awie released an album and since then he has been lying low.

Aside from the occasional club gig, guest appearance at awards presentation and the recent court case saga (in which he was cleared of assault charges), Awie has hardly turned up with any new recording of note. However, you can’t keep this rocker-actor away from the music scene, and his recently released new album titled Awie ? Santai signals his return to the spotlight.

Showcasing a more mature side to Awie, the album took about one year to record under his own company label Awie Entertainment. It is distributed by EMI Malaysia.

“I took the break (for five years) for many reasons. Most of all, I just wanted to avoid controversy. It seemed that whatever I did or the places that I went to (at the time), there would be controversial issues popping up from out of nowhere,” explained the 37-year-old, whose last solo album was Rentap (2000).

Some of the songs featured in the 10-track album are Oksigen, I’ris, Neraca, Narapidana, Mata Hati Jiwa and Soalan Pada Alam.

He also recorded Pendita, composed by Ramli Sarip that also marks Awie’s first collaboration with the legendary rocker.

“After 20 years, this is the first time I worked with Ramli Sarip for my album and I’m very grateful.”

Listing :

1- Bersumpah Dengan Langit
2- Oksigen
3- Iris (Ai-Ris)
4- Neraca
5- Bongkar
6- Narapidana
7- Mata, Hati, Jiwa
8- Soalan Pada Alam
9- Pendita
10- Layang-Layang Terputus Talinya

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New Released || Salon OST

In Salon, lovers come with their own story and secrets. We discover that the meaning of love goes deeper beneath the skin of things and what works for some, may not hold true for others. Love is certainly more than just cosmetic..

The Salon soundtrack, distributed by NSR already in store from September 2005.

The following songs were inspired from "SALON” :

1.Hetty Sarlene - "Cerita Dalam Lagu" (Salon theme song)
2.Naufara feat. Flop Poppy - "Dalam Alam Cinta"
3.Flop Poppy - "Jangan Begitu"
4.The Muffins - "Andainya"
5.Arjuna - "Aku Mendengar Mu"
6.Premelodic - "Suratan atau Kebetulan"
7.Black Coffee Honey - "Bangun Semula"
8.Boboy - "Lakonan Mu"
9.Aboi - "Belum Cuba Belum Tahu"
10.Hobuonen - "Rahsia Luna"
11.Houonen - "Aku & Bulan"
12.Zach Ubu - "Rahsia Luna" (accoustic)
13.Rahsia Luna (Remix)

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New Released || 16 Greatest Hits Classic Rock

An ultimate international rock compilation with 16 timeless classic rock songs performed by local famous rock artistes like Jatt (Black Dog Bone), Shamrin (Fotograf), Ali (XPDC), Ito (Blue's Gang), Joey (BPR), Ajin (Black Rose) and special guest artiste Andy (Flop Poppy).


Language : English
Recommended Retail Price : CD: RM 29.90
MC: RM 17.50

Song List :

1. Wild World- Andy (Flop Poppy)
2. Heaven & Hell- Jatt (Black Dog Bone)
3. Temple of The King- Shamrin (Fotograf)
4. Hotel California- Joey (BPR)
5. More Than Words- Ajin (Black Rose)
6. Soldier of Fortune- Shamrin (Fotograf)
7. Heavy Chain- Ali (XPDC)
8. Wind of Change- Joey (BPR)
9. Stairway To Heaven- Joey (BPR)
10. Final Countdown- Jatt (Black Dog Bone)
11. I Don't Want To Talk About It- Ito
12. To Be With You- Shamrin (Fotograf)
13. Wonderful Tonight- Ito (Blue's Gang)
14. Still Got The Blues- Ito (Blue's Gang)
15. Mr. Crowley- Ali (XPDC)
16. Let It Be- Jatt (Black Dog Bone)

A must have collection for the die hard rock fans!

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