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New Added || Too Phat : Rebirth Into Reality

Joe Flizzow and Malique are back again, Alhamdulillah.Too Phat is back, going against all odds this time around. Rumors that filled the air last year left everyone speculating that the duo would break up.The “Joe Flizzow & Friends” concert went on without the presence of Malique, and yet they still had the whole country waiting on them to drop material. Ever since the classic Whutthadilly, the duo kept coming consistently with releasing hip hop gems such as Plan B, Phat Family, Platinum Repackages and 360°.

Rebirth Into Reality, a double disc opus which the duo have been busily working on all this time. They never left, and now they are back to make noise again and to set up shop. Collaborations with international names alongside the sharpest home grown talents in the scene like Akbar, V.E, Phlowtron, KLG Sqwad, Wordsmith, Naqib, and the most prominent voice of the country, Siti Nurhaliza. While big names like Machi from Taiwan , Kyla from Philippines , Inul from Indonesia and Joey Boy from Thailand were the international associates who brought the border links closer alongside the duo.

It's the most anticipated album in South East Asia . The Rebirth will stick in you from 05 till infinity.
Track sample:

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Request || Ajai and Nurul :Serasi Bersama

Ajai & Nurul kembali lagi memyemarakkan industri hiburan tempatan dengan kemunculan album kompilasi `Serasi Bersama''dengan menampilkan dua lagu baru.3.5 bintang.Album Serasi Bersama ini adalah himpunan lagu-lagu hits yang pernah dibawakan oleh pasangan suami isteri ini yang juga dikenali sebagai Donny & Marie Malaysia. Adunan vokal mereka yang `serasi'' menjadikan Ajai & Nurul, satu-satunya pasangan duet yang mampu bertahan sehingga ke hari ini.Di dalama album Serasi Bersama terdapat dua buah lagu baru iaitu Syair Buat Najiha ciptaan dan lirik oleh Ajai dan Nurul, dan Serasi Bersama, lagu oleh Ajai dan lirik oleh Loloq. Buat masa ini lagu Serasi Bersama menjadi single pertama mereka dan sudah mula diputarkan di corong-corong radio.
Kini sudahpun berada di rak-rak kaset dan cakera padat di kedai-kedai muzik berhampiran tempat anda. Dapatkannya sekarang!
Credit : www.era.fm

P/s : Pls support them by buying their original album!

Track Sample:

Serasi Bersama

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New Added || Weezer : Beverly Hills

The first single to be taken from Weezer's first album in three years, Make Believe, "Beverly Hills" is, apparently, Rivers Cuomo's attempt at writing a rap song. While Weezer usually rocking out in some nth level of irony, "Beverly Hills" is a full-on riding with my posse rap-rock anthem fit only for popping the clutch with the stereo blaring. Admittedly it's still Weezer and therefore it's not so much bling as Wayne's World nerd-rock schwing, Cuomo shouting about how he never fit in 'cos he's a nerd and wouldn't it be great to have loads of money and be famous. [Reality alert: you have, you are and you never quit whining about it, so shut up.] In terms of sheer end-of-night boozed-up on cider indie disco moshing "Beverly Hills" knocks the shit out of pretty much all of Weezer's output to date.

Track Sample:

Beverly Hills

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