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New Added || Dina : Cinta Datang Lagi

THOUGH Faradina Nadzir or Dina only came in second in last year’s Malaysian Idol, she is still a winner in every way. Between school and singing engagements, the bubbly 20-year-old still managed to complete recording her debut album.Recently, the Johor-born lass, who now resides in Kuala Lumpur, also won two awards at the Annual World Championships of Performing Arts in the city. So right now, she's living life to the fullest.
Faradina Mohd. Nadzir (known to her fans as Dina) was the runner up for the first season of Malaysian Idol. She only discovered her singing voice at the age of 16.

A very down to earth girl from Johor Bahru, she's best known for her rock chick hand signs. During her audition, she came in style being accompanied by her dad's Harley motorbike.
Dina is also a University student majoring in Performing Arts Management. She is set to finish her studies by mid april 2006.She's currently signed to Free Nature Records and in the midst of finishing her album to be released soon. Her first single, "Cinta Datang Lagi" is getting air play on Era.fm.
Track Sample:

Cinta Datang Lagi

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New Added || Stars: The Best of the Cranberries, 1992-2002

This is a Greatest Hits well done. Including all the single cuts release to radio outlets. Usually Record Label do not place one single so you still buy the original records and the greatest hits, wich really anoys me. Although The Cranberries music career it's better heard on their original conceptual records than a Greatest Hits Package, this cd will do very well for those casual fans of the irish band.

Dreams deserves a place with its absolute ever-echanted sound.It sparks off this album in the most amazing way.No Cranberries "non album" is complete without "Linger". Come to think of it I was wrong with my prediction of an unfair greatest hits. Cranberries have a lot of good music so it isnt too difficult. There are four tracks from To The Faithful Departed which happens to be my favourite Cranberries album. Hollywood is easily the closest Cranberries ever got to being labelled "metal". Some songs this album could do without are - Salvation and This is the day. Otherwise the compilation is rock solid. I'd like to have had "Electric Blue" which is arguably my favourite Cranberries track. There's no "Joe" , "Dreaming My Dreams" which could have been considered but here's an album I recommend to anyone who has/has not heard Cranberries. If you're new then I suggest you buy this album. If you want to know more about Cranberries, close your eyes and buy anyone of their albums. Beware, Don't buy their last album since it wouldnt give you the best insight on how their music really stands.

The fans will find delightful that they include a non-release cut from theit NO NEED TO ARGUE album, DAFFODIL LAMENT, wich in my opinion is one of the bands best tracks. Worth your money. Buy It.

Track Sample:

Animal Instinct

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