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New Released : AWIE - Santai

Remember this rock singer which quite popular in late 80's?Yeap , he made a latest comeback with his latest album 'santai'(rilex?).IT HAS been five years since Awie released an album and since then he has been lying low.

Aside from the occasional club gig, guest appearance at awards presentation and the recent court case saga (in which he was cleared of assault charges), Awie has hardly turned up with any new recording of note. However, you can’t keep this rocker-actor away from the music scene, and his recently released new album titled Awie ? Santai signals his return to the spotlight.

Showcasing a more mature side to Awie, the album took about one year to record under his own company label Awie Entertainment. It is distributed by EMI Malaysia.

“I took the break (for five years) for many reasons. Most of all, I just wanted to avoid controversy. It seemed that whatever I did or the places that I went to (at the time), there would be controversial issues popping up from out of nowhere,” explained the 37-year-old, whose last solo album was Rentap (2000).

Some of the songs featured in the 10-track album are Oksigen, I’ris, Neraca, Narapidana, Mata Hati Jiwa and Soalan Pada Alam.

He also recorded Pendita, composed by Ramli Sarip that also marks Awie’s first collaboration with the legendary rocker.

“After 20 years, this is the first time I worked with Ramli Sarip for my album and I’m very grateful.”

Listing :

1- Bersumpah Dengan Langit
2- Oksigen
3- Iris (Ai-Ris)
4- Neraca
5- Bongkar
6- Narapidana
7- Mata, Hati, Jiwa
8- Soalan Pada Alam
9- Pendita
10- Layang-Layang Terputus Talinya


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