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Request || Adibah Noor :Terlalu Istimewa

Well.very proud to finally have her album...and after listening to the songs, I know that I've not wasted any money coz every single cents worth! Songs like Ikan Di Laut, Asam Di Darat, Kelabu, Joget Hati Senang, Hanya Restu, Begitulah Asmara & Putih can easly make my foot to start tapping. Other songs like Terlalu Istimewa, Pengorbanan and Fantasia Sebuah Cinta touch my nerves on its own way. And kudos to Adibah for not forgotting to give RM 3 from each album sold to MAKNA. She did it even producing the album with her own money. Kudos Spring3x to Adibah Noor!Pls buy the original CD and support her!

credit : www.adibah-noor.com

Track Sample:

Terlalu Istimewa


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