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Suara Zaman OLD rockers do know how to have fun! Semangat Zaman is a laudable music project out to honor six ‘mat rock’ who have gained much recognition and success during the 1980s and 1990s in Malaysia. If you’ve ever had this wild fantasy that Nash (Lefthanded), Joey (Bumiputra Rockers), Aris Ariwatan, Rahim Maarof, Mus (MAY) and Yantzen of Singaporean band ‘Rusty Blade’ were to come together for an album collaboration, then rejoice! (And then pull out your rocker uniform of unwashed black t-shirts and tight torn jeans!) The day has come. This album giving today's Mat Rock a glimpse on the `80s rock era.Although not as good as the original, this remake is still entertaining and will delight those who grew up listening to the original.Out of the six old timers, it is evident that Yantzen and Nash still maintain their unique and powerful vocals.The others don't sound as good as during their heydays but still manage to give commendable performances.

Sample track:

Semangat Zaman – Aris, Joey, Mus, Nash, Rahim, Yantzen
Korban Cinta – Aris & Joey


wan said...

Semangat Zaman 2 dah keluar. Nak carik CD tapi belum berkesempatan lagi.

SZ yang ini, memang bravo! Mus, Yantzen, memang power.

Rock rulez!

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