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New Added || Weezer : Beverly Hills

The first single to be taken from Weezer's first album in three years, Make Believe, "Beverly Hills" is, apparently, Rivers Cuomo's attempt at writing a rap song. While Weezer usually rocking out in some nth level of irony, "Beverly Hills" is a full-on riding with my posse rap-rock anthem fit only for popping the clutch with the stereo blaring. Admittedly it's still Weezer and therefore it's not so much bling as Wayne's World nerd-rock schwing, Cuomo shouting about how he never fit in 'cos he's a nerd and wouldn't it be great to have loads of money and be famous. [Reality alert: you have, you are and you never quit whining about it, so shut up.] In terms of sheer end-of-night boozed-up on cider indie disco moshing "Beverly Hills" knocks the shit out of pretty much all of Weezer's output to date.

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Beverly Hills


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