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Download | Pop Shuvit - Freak Show Vol 1:Tales Of The Travelling Tunes (Full Album)

Pop Shuvit recently released their 3rd Studio Album, Freakshow Vol 1: Tales of The Travelling Tunes with the first single of the album being, Freakshow which featured Dandee from Silksounds. Other notable colaborations in this album includes Emmet from Butterfingers, Roshan from K Town Clan, Ras Muhammad and the most notable of them all, Inspectah Deck from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Mara Bahaya was from this album which is the 1st single from the Impak Maksima soundtrack. Mara Bahaya has received very high rotation on both hitz.fm & Fly FM and it is one of the crowds favourite.

Being independent, Pop Shuvit believes that there is a need to diversify and take the band to the next level as frontman Moots! pointed out, “That’s the essence of Pop Shuvit, we always do things differently and love taking risks. We want to turn Pop Shuvit into a brand name and to do this we need to branch out and spread our wings be it in music or other facets of urban culture.”

Their debut album Take it & Shuvit broke new ground when their first single Skaters’ Anthem was released exclusively on the Internet and became one of the most downloaded local songs in Malaysian music history. The hype and street buzz from the track caught the ears of ESPN, who in turn licensed the track for use in their Summer X-Games broadcast that hit millions of households worldwide. As further credit to Pop Shuvit, ESPN played their music videos and tracks off the album throughout the duration of competition.

In 2003, Pop Shuvit released Take it & Shuvit in Japan and became the first Malaysian band to hit the music chart in Japan. The overwhelming support from Japanese youth market ensured that all tracks of the album charted the top 20 on the Tower Records sales charts (even beating raprock luminaries like Linkin Park) without any promotion to back the album.


All I Got (feat DABO)
Freakshow (feat Dandee from Silk Sounds)
All That Glitters
Rockera (feat Nitro Y Fanta)
Reggaeton Asiano (feat Roshan & Ras Muhamad)
Pump Up The Stereo (feat Joe Flizzow)
Block Party
Piece of The Pie (feat Inspectah Deck)
Mara Bahaya
Motherland (feat Emmet)
Anthem Revisted (feat Vandal)
Old Skool Rocka Jam
Suara Kaki Lima (feat Ahli Fiqir)


Full Album

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