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"Sepi" OST is the second collaboration between Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Primeworks Studios (formerly known as Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd). They are optimistic that the all tracks in "Sepi" will be well received by the public soon. Speaking at the launch event at GSC 1Utama on Tuesday, Ahmad Puad Onah from Grand Brilliance expressed his confidence with the soundtrack album as most of the tracks are catchy, pleasing and inspired by the movie's theme.
The soundtrack, which is due to be released on the same date as the movie's opening on 26 June, comprises 15 melodious tracks from a variety of popular artistes in Malaysia and Indonesia. Several hit tracks include "Aku Bukan Untukmu" by duo Lah and Zaf, "Jatuh Cinta" by Pacai, "Kembang Perawan" by Gita Gunawan and "Puisi Sepi" by singer-actress Baizura Kahar who is also the lead in the film.
The main tune from "Sepi" sung by Yuni Shara is once again composed by Indonesian music whiz Melly Goeslaw. Andrian Lim, the Managing Director of Sony BMG Music, believes that like its predecessor "Cinta", the "Sepi" OST can also win the hearts of listeners nationwide.
"Sepi" revolves around three individuals in the city who learn the meaning of love, loss and loneliness in this romantic drama. Adam, a successful young chef, creates confectionery masterpieces for weddings, yet still has to find his own bride. Then there is Sufi, who each day runs miles in an attempt to outrun the memories of his dead wife. Finally, there is Imaan, a young playwright who discovers that theatre is a stage where her past can finally be resolved and her future is unveiled. All three strangers are inevitably linked to a single dramatic moment that transforms their lives forever. The cast includes Afdlin Shauki, Tony Eusoff, Pierre Andre, Eja, Baizura Kahar, Nasha Aziz and Vanida Imran among others.


Zaf & Lah VE - Aku Bukan Untukmu.mp3


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