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Download || David Archuleta - New album (Self Titled)

"David Archuleta" is the new debut album from 17-year old American Idol season 7 runner-up, David Archuleta. Let me first say that I have never watched a previous season of American Idol. I HATE reality TV, yet I tuned in for season 7 because I was bored since the writer's strike was happening at the time. Who was I to know that a humble Utah teen would make me watch an entire season of the very show that I swore I would never watch. I have loved and adored David since the first note he sang on "Heaven" during Hollywood week on Idol. I have never felt so emotionally connected to a celebrity before. Actually I do not even consider David a celebrity. His humble nature proves he is above that. His voice, nature, and the inspiring performances he has given to all us fans is what makes us love him

The Salt Lake Tribune has given it a B- and said that the album focuses on David’s voice instead of collaborations with artists like Timbaland.

Entertainment Weekly was not as kind. With a grade of C+, citing generic writing and a lack of passion on romantic songs as the main reasons for the low evaluation.

I hope that the album does well and doesn’t discourage him because I really think that, under the right circumstances and with the right writers, David could be a huge star. I think he has one of the best voices to ever grace the Idol stage and he’s definitely got the right look.


1 Crush
2 My Hands
3 Touch My Hand
4 Barriers - (No Doubt meets Bob Marley)
5 A Little Too Not Over You
6 Your Eyes Don’t Lie - not sure how to describe (Bonnie Raitt meets country/folk)
7 You Can = Ballad (acoustic guitar) very beautiful melody and lyric, very “david”
8 Running - Midi Mafia - R&B/Pop/Kinda jazzy, Very Cool!!
9 Don’t Let Go - U2 meets the Fray style - pop/alternative (David co-wrote with JC from NSync)
10 Desperate - Big mature sounding power ballad - Desmond Child (Bon Jovi hit songwriter)
11 To Be With You - Ballad #2 (piano) Pretty love ballad
12 Angels - new version - Ballad #3 (David on piano)
13 Works for Me - Bonus Track (Walmart only) - organic bluesy pop - David co-write with Daniel Bedingfield

Download || David Archuleta - New album (Self Titled)


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