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New Added || Amy Mastura : Lebih Baik

This new album from the singer-actress who started off her musical career by winning a singing competition is full of fun and sweet tracks. Amy Mastura may be a wife and mother now, but she still exudes that girlish innocence she is famous for, and it is evident in a number of the tracks in this album. Songs include Bukakanlah Pintu, Kasihku Sinar, Ku Lukiskan Angan and Mungkinkah Nanti.
Lebih Baik is built as a modern Malay pop record, reflecting the contributions from friends like Anuar Zain, Tam Spider, Hazami and Cat Ruffedge. Bukakanlah Pintu, penned by Azlan Abu Hassan and lyrics by Ucu was the the first single followed by Bingung, composed by Cat Ruffedge, featuring a blend of ethnic and hip-hop elements.

Other songs in the album are Kasihku Sinar (composed by Anuar Zain and Hazami with lyrics penned by Amy herself), Lebih Baik, Penghujung Hari, Kata Mama, Ku Lukiskan Angan, Teman Jiwa, Mungkinkah Nanti and Cinta.

Track Sample :

Bukakanlah Pintu


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