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Nitrus was formed in 1999 by Eddie, Syed, Aux and Ikan. Eddie and Syed share the task as main vocalist and guitarist while Aux on drums and Ikan as the bassist. In the year 2000, they recorded two songs in the form of demos titled 'Better Days' and 'Twisted'. The demos took the interest of Posse Records which offered them to record both the songs onto a compilation album named 'Another Boring Sunday'. By 2001, the album was marketed and the single 'Better Days' and 'Twisted' was featured prominently on the airwaves of local radio stations. Through these songs, Nitrus brought home Most Promising Artiste of the Year award at the AIM 2002. The year 2001 and 2002 also saw them witness the withdrawal of Ikan and then Aux. They were replaced by Bob on bass and Faizul on drums. They also brought in Asiw as a new member to play lead guitar. With this new line up, they took a change in direction as a band that plays Malay songs. While the cooperation with Posse Records was not to last long, Nitrus decided to move indepedently. They recorded their songs in their own self-built home studio at Eddie's place in phases. Nitrus was also active in invitational gigs throughout the country with performances around the Klang Valley, Melaka, Penang, JB and Kuantan.

The year 2003 witnessed another change in Nitrus's line up where they find Rafhan taking over the position as main vocalist replacing Eddie and Syed while Asiw decided to quit the band. In 2004, Faizul left the band and was replaced by Is as the drummer. In September 2004, Nitrus came up with 2 singles titled 'Rasa' and 'Colder', which later was fitted into the downloading portals of 'musiccanteen.com' for sales online. Both the songs managed to get airplay by some local radio stations. With this success, Nitrus got some financial help in the form of sponsorship to accomplish their debut album titled 'Rasa'. The album was recorded fully by them in their own home studio. The album 'Rasa' was finalised in June 2005 with 12 songs fitted.

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Nitrus - Rasa


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