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Amy Lee and Seether make an excellent duo, and the vocals of Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan together, with incredible drums in the background, create an incredible rock sound. The infectious rock sound and tunes in the song make it eveything someone would expect from Seether and Evanescence's singer, Amy Lee. Perhaps because Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan are dating perhaps it is a sign we may see more excellent duo's, or perhaps even, a duo album - imagine 'Fallen' and 'Karma and Effect' as one album. Brilliant guitars, drums, vocals, the whole package. This single is definitely worth the money, so be prepared to reward your ears with no doubt, one of the best rock songs currently selling.
Seether are amazing! Mildly comparable to Live and Creed, they bring a stunning combination of vibrating rock with a touch of grunge - sorta like Nickelback in that respect. Seether are great, you won't be disappointed.

Track Sample:

Broken (feat Amy Lee) - http://www.savefile.com/files/7708550


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