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New Added || Avril Lavigne: Nobody's Home

I have been a devoted fan of Avril's for years, and I still do not tire of her music. Why? because it is the best of the best! I may have heard Nobody's Home over a thousand times since I first heard it on it's debut, but I still love listening to it. I find that it is one of Avril's best masterpieces! Especially since it highlights her talent as a songwriter. She wrote this song on her own, and it is beter than Sk8er Boi and Complicated, so it shows that Avril does not need the Matrix to write good songs! I already knew that, but some still do not. Also, the song also highlights her talent as a singer and is breathaking.

I must admit the first time I saw the video for Nobody's Home, I was not pleased. I thought it was her worst one so far. Now after watching it dozens of times, I love it! I must say it is one of her best! Also, even though the video shows a runaway, the song is not about one. It is about a girl Avril knew growing up who got involved with the wrong people.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door is also a good song, but I am no too enthousiastic about it. On the other hand, I Always Get What I Want is a great song! It resembles, in some ways, Sk8er Boi, Take It, and He Wasn't because they are all great rock songs!

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Nobody's Home(LIVE)


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