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Saiful is one of the Top 5 Malaysian Idol finalists for Season 1.
- His debut album is released under SONY BMG Music Entertainment
- Comprises 12 songs - 7 new songs and 2 cover versions plus 3 bonus tracks "Hadirlah Kasih" and ''Ku Juga Mencintaimu'' and ''Tak Ku Duga'' as Karaoke version.
- This album includes ballads, mid tempo, fast track and ethnic creative.
- Covered a popular Mandarin song, sung by Harlem Yu ''Qing Fei De Yi'' in Malay version, entitled ''Ku Juga Mencintaimu'', a theme song from a popular drama series ''Meteor Garden'' featuring F4.
- Also featured cover version of the song "Gadis Sarawak" previously sung by Hasnol
- ''Tak Ku Duga'' a catchy duet song with one of Malaysia pop diva 'Misha Omar'. Expected to be chart topper at all radio stations.
- An album with the touch of many established producers in Malaysia such as Azlan Abu Hassan, Zul Mahat, Edrie Hashim, Iman Wan, Yasin, Sharon Paul & Marlin.

Track Sample:

Ku Juga Mencintaimu


rolodex said...

camano nak download nih. mintak password pulak.

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