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New Added || Shahnon Shah : Di Landa Cinta

SINGER-songwriter Shanon Shah may not be a household name yet but his debut album, Dilanda Cinta (Lovestruck), released in mid-March, will change all that.

He is definitely a promising star, perhaps the best thing to watch this year. Shanon is a very talented person with a beautiful voice. He’s got great charisma. And not only is he a singer and songwriter, he is also a social activist who champions human rights issues and gender

Shanon wrote all but one of the songs on this ten-track CD. He sounds confident on all of them. The songs all swell out of your speakers thanks to the lush arrangement and use of various musical elements. From little ethnic touches in “Api,” orchestral leanings in “Beku” to bluesy vibes on “Jurutera,” the man’s music is an all-encompassing giant rojak bowl of his varying influences.

In spite of the sonic grandeur, Shanon never loses his head, opting to combine the music with very personal lyrics. His love for making music is revealed most candidly on “Jurutera,” a tongue-in-cheek autobiographical ditty about how his music had to be put on hold while he became an engineer.

Track Sample:

Di Landa Cinta


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