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Meet Uncle Hussain -- Laguku Untukmu

Meet Uncle Hussain is a 4 piece Malay rock band with a refreshingly unique emotional edge. Roaring through the indie band scene in Kuala Lumpur over the past 3 years, MUH’s talent was recognized and hailed as the Best DIY Band of 2005 by ROTTW magazine.

Influenced by the likes of U2, Led Zeppelin, Killers, Doves, Bloc Party and the late Sudirman and Tan Sri P. Ramlee, MUH’s brand of melodic Malay rock heralds a new chapter in the history of the ever evolving local rock scene.

Such was the impact of their music, that MUH’s first single, “Lagu Untukmu’ has been chosen as the theme music for the soon-to-be launched 8tv-Red Communications television miniseries ‘Kami’ which features the growth and development of the local indie band scene in Malaysia .

Produced and arranged by composer producer Tassiq Saidi Hashim of AU District, and jointly composed by Tassiq, Taja (lead guitarist) and Lan (the inspirational lead vocalist), the distinctive, yearning vocals and heavily driven guitar arrangements in the bands’ debut album ‘Lapan Tahun’ combine to make MUH one of the brightest prospects of the local rock band scene in Malaysia today.


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