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Ayu - Hanya di Mercu

Most of the time, it will take times to achieve our dreams. Sometimes can be reach to one-year period or more. Maybe a dream to become a successful businessperson. Or maybe to have a happy family. Or to be a well-known singer and win 1,000,000 ringgit!

If you pray and try to achieve your dreams today but it not happens today or tomorrow, don’t give up. Keep on dreaming and keep moving forward! I believe and if you believe, after certain period, your dreams will come true!

From the post title, you already guess what this post is all about. A dream by a small girl to become a singer and win the 1,000,000 ringgit reward! Norayu Damit aka AYU OIAM – The Winner of the One in a Million Session 2 from Putatan Sabah Negeri Di Bawah bAYU and her dreams!

The petite 19-year-old Sabahan may be a nobody, but she really impressed with her power-packed vocals, honesty and quirkiness.

“Paul Moss (the chief judge of OIAM) wants me to be more girly,” laughs Ayu. “But this is who I am. I’m not gonna fake it ‘coz I am a bit of a tomboy.”


Hanya di Mercu


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