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It's really nice to see our local bands receive the airplay and recognition they truly deserve. And why not? We have a sea of talent who are young, energetic and not afraid to try new things. Like most local bands, no one really know the story of the uphill battle these bands go through before they receive any recognition for their work. Good for us they decided to march on too, otherwise we would never have got the chance to check out this album. The album features some decent tunes and at times you would think that you're listening to an international band. Now, that's really quite impressive. On the downside, most of the songs sound identical, which can make the album sound a tad boring after a while. To buy or not to buy? Not a bad effort from the band. We like the fact that our local boys are rocking the airwaves. But we also feel that there's much room for improvement as far as the lyrics are concerned. That's probably the next step for most of local artists out there. But hey, one step at a time. We like Disagree, we like their attitude towards music and we're really looking forward to their next album....provided they don't hate us and threaten to take any form of legal action after reading this review....

Credit: www.loudmusic.com

Track Sample:

Suicide Note


NYC Taxi Shots said...

sounds good

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