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MAEL is no stranger to heavy metal fans out there. This former XPDC stalwart is setting out with his solo album, "Lain Hidup".

Produced and distributed by EMI Malaysia, this is an absolute feast for Mael diehards. Track such as Lain Hidup, Apa Erti Semua, Sudah Sampai Sini are for the fans that have been waiting for Mael’s solo album for years. And for those who still like to listen to dependable rock ballads, there are Raja Kertas, Teman and Kabus Semalam to quench your thirst.

Of particular note is the track Pelesit Mata Sebelah that has thrash and speed metal elements in it – it’s something to look out for in this album. On the top of it, catchy Lain Hidup is a great composition that will get you down .
Track Sample:

Lain Hidup


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