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Hazami’s major claim to fame started out a few years ago with his Malay rendition of the Winter Sonata theme from the popular Korean love drama. Although most will remember him for Sonata Musim Salju, he is determined to show that he is more than just a one-hit-wonder, which is evident in Kata, his second album.

While the album is oozing with ballads, there are three songs that we took a particular fancy for. Kata is the first single from the album, co-written by Hazami, Tris and album producer Arab - catchy with black R&B influences. Sehebat Kamu is sassy and slick, co-written by Hazami and Reshmonu (Resh even raps on it). Lastly, Diari Cinta Kita (JFK & Omar Khan) is euphonious and romantic – it reminds us so much of ME, an Indonesian male group popular in the early 1990s who made memorable hits such as Inikah Cinta (which was eventually covered by Sheila Majid in 2003).

Hazami is not without his share of covers though – for one, Dalam Diam is the Malay version of a song by Korean band G.O.D. (He seems to have a fondness for Korea, doesn’t he?) Sejati on the other hand is originally by Malay rock band Wings (written by M. Nasir). It’s interesting to listen to Hazami’s version of Sejati, much mellower than the original. And we have to say, the strings accompanying this slow rock song is very old school ala RTM orchestra-style!

To buy or not to buy? This album deserves attention and is solid, thanks to Hazami’s 11-some years of vocal teaching and experience of making music. It was crafted with a lot of thought and time put in and the results are far from disappointing. If you’re looking for a romantic Malay pop album with substance, then take Hazami’s Kata home with you.

Credit : http://www.loudmusik.com
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